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Pine Oaks Golf Course, located in Johnson City and the mountains of East Tennessee, has been a favorite of locals for years. Quality course conditions, low rates, scenic mountain views and a course design suitable to golfers of all skill levels are but a few of the reasons for the continued popularity of Pine Oaks.  Combine this with a convenient location, well stocked pro shop and a friendly staff focused on meeting your needs and you have all the essentials most are looking for in their next round of golf.

  • Hole #1

    Hole #1

    Although a short par 4, this hole demands an accurate tee shot and approach to a small green. Tee shots left or right of the fairway will find trees. Errant approach shots will find two bunkers short of the green ora next to impossible up and down over the green. Play smart and you should have a nice birdie opportunity. Play poorly and you will not leave this hole with par.
  • Hole #2

    Hole #2

    There are no mysteries with this hole. Play a short iron into a fairly large green and you should have a nice chance for a birdie. Miss the green and bogey is likely. Left of the green is definitely the worst place to be on this hole.
  • Hole #3

    Hole #3

    This is one of the most difficult holes on the course. Do not go to sleep here or a big score can be had pretty easily. Keep it in play off the tee. Left will find out of bounds. Try to avoid the tree line on the right and the fairway bunker. The approach is pretty straight forward. A large group of trees guard the front of the green. Make sure you keep your ball left of the trees or hit it high enough to go over. This green has a severe slope from back to front so guard going over if at all possible. Smart golfers play this hole cautiously and just try to avoid making a huge number.
  • Hole #4

    Hole #4

    This is a fairly straight forward par 4. Rip the driver off the tee. The fairway is generous but is tree lined on both sides. Once in the fairway a very narrow green awaits. Over the green is impossible so try to take a club that will either put you on the green or just short.
  • Hole #5

    Hole #5

    This is a very demanding par 3. No trickery here, just a straight away par 3 with bunkersguarding the front of the green. Focus in on the tee shot because any ball not finding the green will be very difficult to get up and down for par. Be very cautious if you are putting or chipping above the pin as the green tends to slope somewhat from back to front.
  • Hole #6

    Hole #6

    Hit it straight here and you should have a good chance for par or birdie. Try not to let the heavily traveled road down the left side of this hole intimidate you. Play a good solid tee shot and a good solid second and you should be left with a nice open wedge shot into the green here on the front nines only par 5.
  • Hole #7

    Hole #7

    This is a very demanding par 4 which requires an accurate tee shot through a narrow "chute" of pine trees guarding both sides of the fairway.Keep your tee shot in play and you will face an uphill, blind second shot to a small green. There is a bunker short of the green and out of bounds over the green. A smart player will hit what they can keep straight off the tee, hit something up short and a little left of the green and try to get out of this hole without recording a large number on their card.
  • Hole #8

    Hole #8

    A solid drive should leave you with a nice open shot to the green. Longer hitters try to hit down the slope next to the green while others elect to hit up to the top of the hill. From this location only a short iron is required into an open green. Hit a good tee shot in play and you should have a nice chance for a birdie putt.
  • Hole #9

    Hole #9

    This straightaway par 4 begins with a blind tee shot. Aim for the radio towers atop the distant mountain. The fairway runs downhill into a flat area but then rounds up hill so that the player is hitting to an elevated green. Trees line the right and left side of the fairway. Avoid going over the green or to the right of the green as you will find out of bounds.
  • Hole #10

    Hole #10

    Pretty straight forwardpar 4. The approachshot is the key on this hole. Go left, right or long of this green and trouble will be found. If your ball does not find the green, short of the green is where it should end.
  • Hole #11

    Hole #11

    Thispar 5 begins with a blind tee shot.Keep the tee shot between the tree lines and you will find the fairway.The second shot is downhillwith even a mishit shot running down the slope and finding the flatter area in front of the green. The entire right side of this hole is guarded by trees andbeyond that out of bounds. Play smart and keep it in play and this could be a birdie hole.
  • Hole #12

    Hole #12

    The difficulty of this hole lies in the tee shot. Trees line the left side of the fairway while woods protect the right. A fairly narrow fairway slopes towards the woods on the right. Keep it in play off the tee and guard against going right. Once atop the hill a straight shot to an open green await. Balls going over or right of the green can find big problems. This is the stereotypical Pine Oaks hole. Hit a fairly straight and solid ball and the hole plays pretty easy, do anything different than that and this hole can lead to another big number on the card.
  • Hole #13

    Hole #13

    This scenic hole is played from an extremely elevated tee. Take a moment to enjoy the view. A simple short iron into a large green will produce a birdie putt. Calculate your yardage wisely taking the elevation change into consideration as a creek and woods will greet any ball going over this green.
  • Hole #14

    Hole #14

    A nice par 5 that should produce a birdie opportunity with a good tee shot. Split the woods to the right and woods to the left while avoiding the bunker and you will find the fairway and a straightforward shot into the green. Do not go over this green or you will find out of bounds.
  • Hole #15

    Hole #15

    A long hard par 4 that begins with a blind tee shot. For alignment, play left of the big tree over the hill to the right of the fairway. Once over the hill the player will be required to play a fairly long shot uphill to a smallishgreen. Remember to add yardage for the uphill slope as you play your approach shot but calculate wisely as over or left of the green is very difficult and can result in a lost ball as this area slopes down to the woods.
  • Hole #16

    Hole #16

    This is a shortpar 4 that is drivable for longer hitters. Balls going long or left of the green can find trouble. Players leaving this green without at least a par will be frustrated.
  • Hole #17

    Hole #17

    Play your tee shot over the small tree in the middle of the fairway. Trees line the right and left sides but a well struck shot should find the short grass. Once the fairway is found an open shot with a short iron will be required into this green. Over or left of this green will be difficult up and downs as will playing from one of the two bunkers that guard the front of this green.
  • Hole #18

    Hole #18

    The green on the 18th is wide, but extremely shallow (less than 10 yards) making club selection crucial on this par 3 finishing hole. Remember the elevation change and the wind direction as you select your club.

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